Ennio Orsini

Today we have the great privilege of introducing the one who today is certainly one of the most famous and expert masters of Dermopigmentation and Permanent Makeup in Italy and in the world.
He is often invited on television programs, including foreign ones.
He teaches makeup and micropigmentation, at state and private schools.
It is an honor to have him as a judge in our competition.
Biography of Ennio Orsini.
Country: Italy.
CEO of “Orsini & Belfatto”, a training academy, as well as a company engaged in the sale of products and equipment for dermopigmentation all over the world.
He is President of AIDER (Italian Dermopigmentation Association); is the inventor of Tricopigmentation® and the creator of an innovative technique for the creation of the male and female eyebrow called the Ultra-realistic Technique.
Several times a competition judge (as an Italian representative) at the Permanent Make-up World Championships, he collaborates with the Italian courts as an independent expert in legal disputes regarding dermopigmentation and permanent make-up.
He is the creator and organizer of SKING, the first and only annual Italian championship of permanent makeup with electromechanical equipment.
He was awarded by the province of L’Aquila and the Abruzzo region as a “young talent”. He is present as a speaker at important congresses of aesthetic and aesthetic surgery, organized by Italian and European associations (IDI Dermopathic Institute of the Immaculate Conception. ATEC Corrective Aesthetic Makeup Association. ISHR Italian Society of Treatment and Surgery of Baldness. ANAA National Association of Alopecia Areata).
Her books “Eyebrow Dermopigmentation”, “The Ultra Realistic Eyebrow”, “Tricopigmentation” and “Paramedic Dermopigmentation” are among the best sellers in the industry and the first three have already been translated into various languages.
He is the author of over 120 publications in European scientific journals and journals.
In addition, he created Kimerika, an application for smartphones, a digital tool to aid in the design of all types of dermopigmentation, thanks to his precious assistance in the search for perfect symmetry.
His participation in Conferences and World Dermopigmentation Championships is increasingly frequent. To date, more than 33 nations have hosted Ennio Orsini as a speaker and trainer in congresses and Masterclasses.
He recently created DERMAMENTE, undoubtedly one of the largest and most prestigious network realities made up of centers specialized in dermopigmentation, which today has 16 centers, and is constantly expanding.
He is the founder of the International School of Dermopigmentation, an Academy that offers classroom courses around the world and online courses. The provision of online courses on dermopigmentation was the first Italian web-academy for the world of dermopigmentation.
In the summer of 2018 she received the Oscar for permanent makeup in Brazil, as part of the Oscar Pmu event.

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