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Lash&Brow Channel was found from an idea of Mary Davila, a beautician graduated in Milan, the place where she began to deepen her passion for eyelashes, eyebrows and beauty treatments.

And still today she, fascinated by the world of beauty, continues her passion through the Lash & Brow Channel, offering the opportunity to new talents to be recognized international.

Thanks to her experience in the beauty field, today she is dedicating herself daily to the evaluation of new techniques and treatments of female and male aesthetics, building international competitions in which she involves both beginners and experts in the field.

In this way, in addition to learning, information exchange and new skills acquired, Mary witnesses the creation of real friendships and collaborations among the participants.


Lash&Brow Channel is above all:

  • a place dedicated to all operators who currently work both in salons and off-site or who travel the world to train.
  • the perfect place where everyone can make a name for themselves thanks to their experience in the various treatments: eyelashes, eyebrows and beauty treatments.
  • a means to stay updated and discover all the news of the beauty world.


”We are well aware that we all need to keep up to date and constantly learn in order to develop our passion. For this reason I created Lash & Brow Channel, to welcome and enforce everyone’s work, offering the same importance to everyone… because learning means improving!

And only in this way our profession will be able to evolve!”



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