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Lash&Brow Channel

Lash & Brow Channel was found from an idea by Mary Davila, a qualified beautician in Milan and who over the years has gathered more and more information during the courses she has taken.

She has deepened her passion for eyelashes, eyebrows and beauty treatments, and has experience in making these types of treatments, which are now innovating the world of female and male beauty and aesthetics with increasingly newer techniques.

But above all it has a great desire to pass them on to all of you near or far.

Lash & Brow Channel is also a portal to give information to anyone who wants them.

Why Lash&Brow Channel

The main purpose of Lash & Brow Channel is to create friendship between all the masters, lash trainers and lashmakers in the eyelash, eyebrow and beauty sectors.

Lash & Brow Channel is above all:

  • a dedicated space for all the operators who currently work both in the salons and outside the salons or who travel around the world doing training.
  • the perfect place where everyone can make themselves known to everyone and let them know the types of treatments they do for eyelashes, eyebrows and beauty treatments, and where they can even advertise themselves.
  • the portal created to introduce those who already work in the sector or who is starting all that is done in the beauty field and all its evolutions, in all the countries of the world, and also to make known the masters and trainers that run in their city, in their country, in neighboring countries or even at European and world level.

We know well that we all need to update ourselves and learn to develop the passion we have in this field. This is why I believe that every person who has this passion deserves respect.

Mary Davila

Beauty professionist graduated in Milan, founder of Lash & Brow Channel

Lash and Brow Channel Italia

In this portal we also give all the information relating to competitions, competences, congresses, courses and products in the world.

Everything must be done with the utmost respect of every operator who wants to exploit this dissemination and sharing tool.

So why not reach us: all in one portal to get to know us!

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