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Earn visibility all over the world!

We want to recognize your talent as “THE BEST OF THE YEAR 2022 in the Lash & Brow industry” in a special way all over the world!

Gain visibility all over the world!

Become The Best of the Year 2022 as: Lashmaker, Fantasy Lash Artist, Coach/Trainer, Lamimaker, Brow Artist, Academy, Brand, Lash Judge, Lami Judge or Brow Judge.

Participation in this election to be “THE BEST OF THE YEAR 2022” has a registration fee of 75 Euro.
For those who have registered for at least two nomination in the Lash&Brow Wordl Cup 2022 online competition, participation in “THE BEST OF THE YEAR 2022 is Free” with the possibility of nominating another or more professionals in the sector or a judge of this competition as Trainer or Judge.

How to participate in this nomination:

For the nomination you can both nominate yourself and another person.


How to apply for I AM THE BEST

This race takes place on Social Network:… so first you need to follow our @lashandbrowchannel and the Facebook page of Lash & Brow Channel.

Of course, don’t forget to tag us your posts and stories related to our race to be able to share your posts with us too!

On our social networks: Instagram: @lashandbrowchannel and the Facebook page of Lash & Brow Channel, you will find all the information about the contest.

Choose one of the nominations (Lashmaker, Fantasy Lash Artist, Lamimaker, Brow Artist), for the awards ( Brand, Academy, Lash Judge, Lami Judge or Brow Judge, Coach / Trainer), will be awarded at the discretion of the organizer.
Prepare your photo
Your photo, only for (Lashmaker, Fantasy Lash Artist, Lamimaker, Brow Artist, Trainer).
Your brand/logo only for (Academy, Brand Lashes, Brand Lash Lifting, Lash Judge, Lami Judge or Brow Judge).
You will find the photo you have nominated, framed by The Best 2022 online on our social channels.

Follow us to know when they will be shared!

How the vote takes place:
Your photo with the frame The Best 2022 will be published online on the Lash & Brow Channel instagram page, and you will have the opportunity to share (Repost with us your poster from instagram), tag the post and ask your friends, students and colleagues of the Lash & Brow and Pmu sector from all over the world to make the Repost of your poster in their instagram story and invite them to leave their real feedback!

Remember to follow us and tell your friends:

1•Follow the page❤️???? @lashandbrowchannel

2•Give ???? likes to the facebook page: Lash & Brow Channel

⚠️ Make sure that steps 1 and 2 are done, as we will verify them otherwise it will not be valid.⚠️

May the best win!!

Make yourself known in this sector by everyone!

At the end of the competition will be awarded the artists with the highest number of views, follow to @lashandbrowchannel and comments on the post published on the Page of Lash & Brow Channel

Treat yourself to the ???? Cup The Best Of the Year 2022!

Anyone who buys likes and comments from Bots will be disqualified!

In the event of doubtful behavior on the part of the competitors, the organization takes care to change the dynamics of the voting by assigning the task of evaluating the competitors to an external jury who will announce the winners.


Registration for these applications will close on May 30, 2022.

The longer your photo and video are visible, the more chances you’ll have to get feedback and win!


How to nominate another professional Lash & Brow and Pmu.


How to apply for another Lash&Brow professional: YOU ARE THE BEST OF 2022

To nominate one or more people for The Best of the 2022 you should send us:

Photos, logo, brand and also the receipt of payment.

The cost is 75 euros for candidate.

Click here to make the payment – via Pay Pal


Registration for these nominations will close on May 30, 2022!

To the person you have nominated we will send a warning message with the invitation to accept this nomination offered by you, and only if the person consents, his photo will be published and he will be officially nominated.

Your nomination can be secret if you want, so you intrigue the candidate more.

Earn Online visibility of your business and your brand!

Your logo will be published on our site in the area of professionals and on social networks with the hastag #thebestoftheyear  #lashandbrowchannel

Do you have questions?

Email us at:

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