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The judges of the First Competition Lash & Brow World Cup Online 2020



I would like to thank all the judges, sponsors and participants who kindly collaborated in this International online competition.
In this photo there is the generation that has been able to transmit this passion, which is still present, which remains on the podium, which is hardly forgotten, the one that inspired so many of us!
These people we respect have encouraged us to train and grow in this profession.
They who have been able to create a profession that for me is something magical, something that only an artist can do with his hands, with the patience that this work requires.
Today I feel fortunate to be able to give this meaning to those who expect answers and an inspiration to continue in this sector.
That said, as I wrote before, in this photo there is my Lash & brow story.
Past: history, passion and work.
Present: inspiration, passion and work today.
Future: project, passion and work for those who believe in it and want a future in the sector.
All of them have a role here, we are one !!!
Lash & brow world forever !!!
Greetings, Mary Davila.

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