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The judges of the Third Competition Lash & Brow World Cup Online 2022

Thanks to the judges of Lash & Brow World Cup Online 2022

At the beginning of this new edition I was a little uncertain, but with a great desire to start a new project, to keep my head busy and to forget past moments that bring me sadness.

So I decided to listen to my friends, who as always have been close to me in all my crazy ideas, and I started writing the Third Edition!

I wanted to give my best in this one and it would never have existed without your support, thanks to your who love this sector and who every time you do a job your put your soul into being the top!

Your gave me the chance to realize the third Lash & Brow World Cup Online 2022 Competition!

A BIG THANKS for your support and support always, but also to all the Judges, Sponsors, Participants… and above all to the Friends, because the realization of this event was a goal achieved together!

I realize the Lash & Brow Channel family is getting bigger and bigger and I am very happy for that which is just thanks to all of you!

A sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for choosing us!

Mary D.

See you at the next Lash & Brow Channel competition!

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